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With more than 200 feasibility studies done, we understand the goals, the marketing platform, and the branding of your business so we can develop a solid strategy to accomplish the project. We quickly analyze a site or building, presenting the real possibilities for adequate ocupation of your business or product, taking into account the taxes and usage parameters determined by laws and municipal decrees.


The key to success of any project. We highly value the integrated management of the project process, where the coordination of the entire multidisciplinary teams, follows the same guideline, making the compatibility of the complementary projects easier, respecting the deadlines, costs and qualities set beforehand.


We transform ideas, innovations and tendencies into solutions and experiences that add value to our clients brands and overcome user expectations. Since the beginning we concern about your goals, brand image, customer journey, ROI, and visual merchandising; so the concept not only perform, but also inspire. Therefore, we start from the ideas and end up in the details.


Since the beginning of our journey, we established a successful reputation by delivering and creating consistent spaces, with not only innovative and creative solutions, but also functional and operational oriented concepts. Our deployment and replication process takes this into account as we continually test, refine, and communicate changes throughout the process. We develop executive and management standards for rollouts, ensuring respect to the brand and leading it to success.


We create environments that inspire, facilitate the results you seek, and provide dimensions to your goals. Our architecture experts design every aspect of your space. We design spaces that are going to be used by our clients, their customers or their users for decades. That`s why we worry about detailing and specifying materials, textures, colors, styles, and construction techniques that will answer the ocupational needs and maintenance.


We seek to combine architecture with branding, graphic design and wayfinding, complementing designed spaces with proper solutions for the visual communication system. We work from the basic signs of the environments, untill the identification of spaces and the circulation flows. We try to guide users through a captivating visual and also reinforce the brand values target.


Placed in São Paulo, the H2R Architecture conceive, develop and manage architectural and urban planning designs for Great Ideas all over Brazil.

The firm was established by people who love what they do, in order to support the innovative and entrepreneurial  trait of its associates, dedicating itself to each design as an opportunity to tell a story, influence its users and also to be recognized by its clients as the ideal partners on accomplishing ideas.

Within 15 years of experience in projects for every great department of commerce, construction, and real estate, we are experts in retail and residential design, as well as the combination of both in mixed-use spaces.

We believe in the collaborative multidisciplinary process, by working side by side with our clients in a cooperative way and also by approaching ourselves to providers and another companies for the accomplishment of our profession.

The office aims to generate results and add value for its clients, as reflection of this mentality, over 75% income comes from previous clients, reinforcing our experience and focus regarding their needs.

To be recognized for delivering projects that provide consistent results to our clients goals.

To conceive, develop, manage and meet the needs and goals of our clients Great Ideas through professionals focused on meeting specific demands of each project.


We understand our clients business macro vision in order to become the ideal partners.


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We are always looking for talented professionals to fill our Architecture and Design teams. Send your curriculum and portfolio to: